Glamour Photography Step by Step Detailed Tulle Dress Construction with Photographs

April 17, 2013  •  3 Comments

I made tulle dress #1 a few days ago as an experiment.  I only had a small quantity of material so I thought I would give it a try and if it didn't work out I wouldn't have wasted much time or resources.  (See my 4/15 blog entry for those details).  I learned from that one so this time around I worked in much the same way.  I also purchased this bolt of tulle at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $1, it was "double wide" (how others have referred to it), so it was rolled over twice on the bolt.  I cut six 41 inch lengths.  Each piece ended up covering half of the body.  I started with the same gathering that I did last time:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt When I took a step back I realized that you were going to be able to see right through this no matter how many layers I applied and I remembered that I had also purchased a length of silky red material for $1 at the restore.  So I pulled this off and started with the liner:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt I am not skilled in sewing or construction so I did my best to figure out how much material would be needed by wrapping it around myself and then pinning it.  I was worried about the waist having enough room for people larger than the tiny waisted mannequin so I pinned it low and left a lot of room.  I did gather it in the front and back thinking that it needed to taper somewhat so it wouldn't bunch at the waist and create volume.  I chose areas that would not accentuate bellies, hips, or rears.  The I reapplied the tulle, I added three layers, which was a total of six pieces (each piece covered from the rear to the belly button).  Each layer was bunched and pinned on top of the under layer:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt I left a gap in the back so that it would accommodate any size waist:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt

Next came the ribbon waistband:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt And sewed it on by simply stitching from inside to outside:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt Not necessarily pretty but I'm not expecting anyone to see this detail up close.  I also trimmed the piece of tulle that was protruding from the inside.

Here is the final look without a hoop petticoat:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt And one with the hoop petticoat for more drama:

Sue Bryce Inspired Tulle Skirt I never knew I had the ability to create these beautiful dresses, I can't wait to use them with beautiful ladies wearing them!

Update: Here's a shot paired with a bustier:


Bea Abi Rached(non-registered)
Really easy explains. Love it
Wow! This is beautiful! I love both of the tops used with it too! And it's such an intense color! You did a fantastic job.
Looks gorgeous! Good luck with your shoot and thanks for sharing your technique.
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