The making of "Queen of the Reap" Fine Art Portrait

March 10, 2014  •  3 Comments

     For me, fine art portraiture is an adventure of the mind.  When you take a stroll through a park, a museum, a craft store, any one can provide inspiration for a new work.  Sometimes just the beauty of your subject alone can allow for visions of 'what might be' to solidify in your mind.  

     I've recently done some shoots with a local model named Cassie, who has a classic beauty.  She has the bone structure and smooth skin that might have inspired the painters of the Renaissance time period to paint her portrait.  They also inspired me to create this piece.  I wanted to construct a look reflecting the opulence of royalty, and cause the viewer to wonder what was she ruling.  

     I took a trip to Hobby Lobby with the colors of fall in mind for my portrait.  I started with the flowers, I purchased two strands of beige and brown flowers that I later assembled into a headdress.  As I continued to wander around considering the possibilities, I came across a wall decoration that seems to have become popular,  I have been attracted to them in several stores recently.  However, because they are meant to hang, they are only two dimensional.  My mind started to wonder if through my abilities in Photoshop if a fully fashioned crown was possible? I took an image with my iPhone so that I might explore that possibility.  

     Last was the outfit.  I didn't have the budget for a lavish cape, so I considered other images that I had previously taken and settled upon a natural item that I thought a "Queen of the Reap" might wear.  You can see below the images I used in their original states.  Perhaps you will be surprised by what type of artistry is possible with the right tools?!




And after:

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Excellent work Tammy
Z Photog Studio
Thank you Brigitte!
Brigitte Grant(non-registered)
wow... that is beautifully done and so well written Tammy. I would have been happy myself with the original photo but then you unravelled the steps to it and with what inspired you and it resulted an amazing image. Love it !
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