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Often when I tell people what I do, they reply back, "oh, I'd like to get my picture taken, however I have bad skin, an extra ten pounds, a scar I don't want to highlight, <fill in the blank with your own perceived issue>", etc.  What I reply back is that it doesn't matter.  Number one, most people don't see those things about you, we are all too busy focusing on our own perceived flaws so we're too busy worrying about those to study you to see yours! Think of it this way, before you walk into a party or event, or go on a job interview, you look in the mirror to see how you think others will perceive you and often leave without recognizing any one particular feature about all the people you spoke with or that interviewed you.  

Number two is those perceived imperfections can be masked so that you're only preserving what is the best version of you with a good night of sleep and after sitting in a stylists chair who has just pampered you with nice makeup and hair.  It's always interesting to me that I when I meet my clients that they are worried about this or that issue and how it will look.  I meet with my clients in a pre-shoot session to plan, so we're spending 30-45 minutes talking.  Then they come in for their shoot, and we spend several more hours in each others presence.  What I leave with after both those sessions is "they are a lovely person, bright, bubbly, etc".  Not, oh her bum is a little big, or did you see that pimple?  Just as when you leave that party or job interview you think, I liked those people, they were warm and friendly.

That said, I realize that those fears are real when you imagine your photo shoot.  So let's talk about high end photo retouching.  At Z Photog Studio, all images are professionally hand retouched in house.  What does that mean? That means that Tammy spent hundreds of hours learning and practicing retouching so that the end result would be an image anyone would be happy to display.  My licensed hair and makeup artist will prepare your skin, apply makeup to your comfort level, and then I take over with proper posing and lighting.  These are the things that separate an amateur from a professional photographer.  Anyone can click the shutter.  Pro's understand where to place you in the light, how to best pose you to reflect the mood or emotion of the moment, and in the end, how to retouch to highlight the best of you.

What I'm about to show you is an extreme example.  I took the original image of this lovely model at a photography class I attended.  This was a unique experience in that models were available to be photographed for practice from 11am into the wee hours of the night.  So in some cases, the models had been working hard for us for more than twelve straight hours.  If you had a wedding, you might understand just a tiny bit of this feeling as you had a photographer and family likely following you the entire day asking you to smile!

So here is a before and after of the type of high end retouching performed by Tammy at Z Photog Studio in Bartlett, TN.  When you come in, you will already look pretty close to the after image, but understand that whatever your concern about having beautiful images created is not going to be a limitation for us.  I hope this removes your fears about your big day! 

Be sure to visit our before and after page as well for more examples of every day ladies and their in studio looks: http://www.zphotog.net/before-and-after


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