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Ladies, have you ever looked longingly at your wedding gown and wished there was an occasion that made sense to wear it to? Well we've come up with it!  Why not pull it out of the dark recesses of your closet, have it cleaned if need be, and then set up an appointment to "glam your dress". What does that mean exactly? Well, if you remember back to your big day, you likely had your hair and makeup done, and then shimmied into your dress.  Then you rushed off to here, there, and everywhere in a long progression of events while stopping every couple of minutes for someone to take your picture with them or the wedding party.  The main theme was hurry to get to the next thing all the while carrying that heavy dress around with you.  

That was fun, and you have pictures that captured you on your special day.  NOW, let's talk about taking your time and enjoying it!  Let us do your hair and makeup too, but not to just look like you wanted to look for your special day, but in fun new ways.  Maybe you wore your hair up like I did.  Instead let's do big full hair and adorn you in a fashion magazine style.  We can work with Bartlett Florist ( as we did here to create something new for you:

Or you can bring in your accessories and let us amp you up.  Here's another portrait example:

We are creating new memories, and letting you relive old ones too!  You can look like a princess or a fashion model, but it will just be all about you and without the tiredness and bedlam of your wedding day. Look out for more images in the next couple days, we have more great ideas to show you! Maybe even bring in a friend and let's do a whole fine art themed shoot based around your fairy tale dress. 

Thanks to Crystal and Melvin Easley of Bartlett Florist and June McKenzie and Jayla Flescher their designers for putting together the look at the top.  Check back for more unique looks that will feature more of their fresh flower looks soon!  Thanks also to my model who also did hair and makeup for these looks, the beautiful Sarah Yancey of Ardent Salon. 



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