Behind the Scenes of Portrait Startup with Sue Bryce on Creative Live | Memphis Photographer

June 20, 2015  •  1 Comment

Over the past year I have been a Mentor in a Facebook group of over 22,000 photographers (and growing) in support of the amazing photographer Sue Bryce's Glamour revolution. Due to that mentorship, over the last week I have had the great pleasure to be able to share how I've taken Sue's teachings and made them my own as I developed my own business. Myself and the other mentors in the group were invited to participate in a class on Creative Live in Seattle to share our personal stories in the hopes that we might help someone out there understand that we are just like them, and that with hard work, persistence, and passion all things are possible!

I own countless classes from, but I had never been able to be a part of a live class in studio. I decided to document my days there and time with Sue and the other mentors with some images to give others like me that might not ever get to experience attending a class there a little flavor of the experience. It was also so exciting to meet the folks on cL that I've been watching for a few years now such as Kenna Klosterman and Russ Andes. Kenna is about the nicest person you'll ever meet, and she has a phenomenal talent which she channels into her host role. We got to see her in action this week as things did not go exactly as planned!

When we arrived the day before the class would start, we discovered that Sue had not been feeling well. She managed to power through Day One with great gusto providing us all with new inspiration. She had a jam packed day of content for Day Two, but awoke in the morning to discover that her voice was only a mere whisper at full power, so a little bit of a dilemma! So Sue asked three of us (myself, Emily, and Nikki) about 30 minutes before we went live to stand in her place on stage. In a testament to her ability to educate, she sat with Kenna and orchestrated the class through us and the other mentors voices for Day Two.

We told our stories, trials, tribulations, and most importantly shared our successes via her whisper of a voice that resonated none the less from ours and Kenna's mouths. Our audience was able to see that all nine of the mentors had come from a place very similar to them in one way or another and rise to build our own portrait studios and grow our own businesses. 

So without further adieu I give you the behind the scenes to give you a little flavor of our experience at Creative Live! 

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes! For more details on Photography Mentoring, please email me at or call 901-500-5841. 



Kerrie Wyatt(non-registered)
Another great CL course and I Love this behind the scenes look Tammy thank you for sharing and for all that you do for our amazing FB community! Great achievement looks like alot of fun and a wonderful experience for you all x
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