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Beauty Tips for Photo Shoot & Beyond | Spotlight Sarah Yancey | Z Photog Studio

November 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I’m pretty excited because today I’m kicking off a new blog series! I have a pretty extensive network of diverse business people from all around the area that I always seem to be talking to about their work. My business is roughly 90% women, and I tend to look around for the latest and greatest info, trends, etc. to share with my clients to enhance the experience they have during the prep, at their shoot, and after it’s all done. I got thinking; why not share some of the great info with all of you too?! If you like fashion, beauty, glamour, or luxury then please stay tuned, my plan is to bring you tips, tricks, and just plain good information from all my local resources in the Memphis, TN area.

It’s only fitting that I kick this off with my studio stylist Sarah Yancey. If you’ve had a shoot with me, you’ve met Sarah; she’s my top notch hair and makeup artist. That’s right artist, she has a unique talent to meet someone, assess their skin type, coloring, bone structure, etc. and then immediately create a look (with your input) that accentuates your beauty, and gives you a polished but camera ready striking look. My two favorite things to see with my clients during the hair and makeup phase of their shoot are when Sarah applies the false eyelashes and when she’s all done. Most people have never worn lashes or don’t wear them often enough to notice the difference they make. I always comment that they’ll feel like window shades on your eyes for a short while, but then suddenly you’ll forget they’re there. Then by the end of the session you’ll be busily batting your lashes at yourself in the mirror, always happens! The second is the look in the mirror once she’s done getting you all glammed up. The special sparkle and "is it really me?" look that everyone gets is priceless!

So let’s meet Sarah! Sarah graduated from the Beauty Institute in 2007, and then left the area to work alongside Hans Wolf in California. After a stint there, she returned to work at an Aveda salon (J Maxwell Salon), and then landed at her current home at Ardent Salon in 2009. I asked Sarah to give us her best tips from the hair and makeup front. Some are referencing shoot prep, some are not.  Here they are in no particular order:

·         If your eyebrows are sparse, light, or uneven, fill them in with your product of choice made for brows. Eyebrows are to eyes what curtains are to windows. They frame your eyes, show expression, and can make your eyes pop.

·         Speaking of eyebrows, don’t wax them the day before your shoot. Do it at least 7-10 days prior. It doesn’t look natural if done too close to your shoot and the makeup won’t stick to the skin as easily after having the surface skin altered.

·         Exfoliate your skin once a week. Head to your favorite beauty store for a suggestion based on your skin type, but exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and keeps you looking fresh. Just don’t do this within a few days of your shoot.

·         Skip a day between shampoos. Daily shampooing can strip your color and also leave your hair dry and lifeless. If you tend more towards the oily side, try just washing your roots and let the shampoo just run through the ends.

·         For a shoot, if your hair is stick straight and oily by the end of the day, wash it. If not, a day dirty hair can be better sometimes as the texture can allow the styling to grip better and hold longer. They sell products today to add that “day dirty grit” to your hair, lol.

·         Wash and moisturize your face twice a day. Your skin will thank you.

·         Nails. Your hands will show in the shoot. If your cuticles are raggedy or you bite your nails, consider having a professional manicure.  You and your family will be looking at those hands through eternity, have them look nice!

·         Chapstick. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips for the week before your shoot. You want your lips nice and plump, not scaly for your images.

·         Silk pillow cases can be better for your skin and hair as the smooth surface doesn’t pull as much as other fibers can.

·         Start in your early 20’s with an anti-aging regimen. It’s easier to prevent lines then treat them.

·         Drink lots of water. Hydration shows in your skin, it helps you look your best.

Hopefully you’ve found not only some good tips here for a shoot, but also for every day. If you’re interested in having your hair and makeup done for a shoot, then by all means give us a call at the studio to setup a complimentary consultation.

Thanks to Sarah for her tips. When not spreading beauty all over my studio, you can find Sarah here....

...at Ardent Salon! http://ardentsalon.com/



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