Z Photog Studio | Healthy Habits Workshop

Hello and Welcome to the TICKET page for the Healthy Habits Workshop. Please fill out the form below, then an INVOICE for $15 (local guests) or $20 (online virtual guests) will be sent directly to your email. It will be from: Tammy Zurak and read- Subject: You have received an invoice.  Please pay directly to secure your spot.

We ask that you pay in advance so we have the correct amount of gift items that you will take with you (or be mailed- hence the extra $5) prepared and also have a way to reach you in case of inclement weather.  We look forward to meeting you there!








Join us for a Workshop designed to create more awareness of healthy habits for mind and body. Learn convenient, simple, and inexpensive ways to improve health and wellness! If you have said that you wanted to change something regarding your mind, body, or soul, your speakers will touch upon each of these areas in hopes to put you in the driver's seat and give you some solutions you can implement towards your good health and happiness in 2018. 

You’ll also walk away with several physical gifts when you attend, learn to build a delicious salad in a jar, take away some sample essential oils targeted to improve well-being, and one lucky recipient will take away a complimentary photo shoot. Spots are limited, sign up now to attend. Cost is $15.


OLIVIA MAGILL | doTERRA Essential Oils 
Olivia will teach you how to take control of your overall health and feel good in 2018, using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These completely natural, cost-effective, side effect free oils work on the cellular level with all systems of the body, helping it to function optimally as it was created to. Makeover your medicine cabinet with natural remedies for anything you can think of…headaches, digestive issues, pain and inflammation, skin irritations, weak immune systems, stress and anxiety, toxic load in the body and home, energy, sinus and respiratory problems, sleep, and so much more. Olivia will help you find the right regimens for your family and be your personal coach as you incorporate essential oils in your home.

Miranda is a wife, artist and business owner with a passion for life. Her mission is to inspire healthy living from the inside out! From fibromyalgia, RA and Lupus, to name a few, she is a walking testimony of how eating the rainbow can highly improve your quality of life. She will teach you how to make a healthy fast meal in a jar and give you simple steps to take healthy back! Her motto is "It's never too late to start getting healthy!"

TAMMY ZURAK | Z Photog Studio + yourbrandmentor.com
Before starting her portrait photography and business brand mentoring business, Tammy amassed twenty-six years of experience working from the ground level up in sales and sales management in the corporate world. While this experience was immeasurable to growing her own business, it often came at a cost to both health and emotional wellness. And after five years growing her own business and photographing hundreds of people, Tammy has learned much from the people that have sat in front of her lens. Come and hear the discoveries she’s made that transformed both the people in front of her camera and herself behind it.

This is the Studio where the event will be held at 5834 Stage Rd in Bartlett. We are at the crossroads of Stage and Sycamore View at the railroad tracks. Please enter through the door far left here under the black awning. See you then!